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Striving to ensure everybody has an equal opportunity and is not treated differently or discriminated against
Understanding the differences between people and groups of people and placing a positive value on those differences

Genders United is a non-profit organization established to eliminate the injustices that can occur through the Family Court when separation occurs.

We aim to review the Australian family court system so parents can regain their legal rights to participate in parenting their children under a fair justice system.

Asking the family court not only to acknowledge parental alienation but to have parents found guilty of it charged will help prevent children from experiencing its severe negative impacts.

Also, to address the excessive legal costs, long, drawn-out, exhaustive and often ineffective legal proceedings that come with it, suggest the Jurisprudence therapy system should be applied.

Child support is to be reviewed entirely, so the only ones who profit are the children. We are providing support for men and women who suffer from child support inequities.

We aim to reconnect men and women who hold resentment toward other males and females from their negative experiences in separation and help them positively channel their anger and frustrations.


Businesses and unions are invited to lend their support for Genders United
Human Rights – Safety – Family Values

Businesses and some unions have acknowledged, and history confirms that in some cases, as a result of these unjust Family Court rulings, the work ethic of some individuals are greatly affected. This can have a snowballing effect which possibly can lead to individuals developing mental illnesses which contributes to the inability to carry out their work, which also effects their employers. In some worst case scenarios these Family Court rulings can lead certain individuals to suicide. View the Zero Suicide report here.

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Genders United is a non-profit organization established to eliminate the injustices that can occur through the Family Court.

We are seeking your emotional support… helping us to achieve our objectives. As a concerned citizen we encourage you to have your voice heard in Parliament. Working together we have the strong voice to create the change and to create a better life!



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